Public events

Conferences, symposia, and other public events on critical thinking and critical thinking pedagogy.  

Media and Medicine in the Age of Misinformation

21 May 2021 6:00pm7:30pm
Open panel discussion in collaboration with HEAL (Health, Ethics and Law)

When every call is a tough call: Humanitarian dilemmas and the role of philosophy

6 November 2019 5:45pm8:00pm
Panel discussion in collaboration with HEAL (Health, Ethics and Law).

Critical and Creative Thinking

14 May 2019 9:00am
Keynote to Queensland Department of Education conference on Queensland Curriculum

Critical Thinking Pedagogies for SATE and Beyond

9 May 2019 5:00pm6:00pm
Talk for Education Queensland Teachers - Part of the 2019 Speaker Series

Preparing Students for the 21st Century Knowledge Economy

11 April 2019 10:00am3:00pm
Introductory presentation at the  Catalyst Lab Innovation Program - Problem Definition Workshop.

Thinking Skills in an AI World: Preparing Students to Shape Their Future

4 December 2018 5:30pm7:00pm
Panel discussion. Part of the Education for a Changing World initiative of the NSW Department of Education.

Public Reasoning in a Time of Epistemic Crisis

29 October 2018 7:30pm8:30pm
Public talk by Peter Ellerton addressing public reasoning as a solution to our current epistemic crisis.
Microphone in front of a crowd

Assessing General Capabilities: Assessing Critical and Creative thinking

31 August 2018 11:30am12:30pm
Workshop by Peter Ellerton as part of the ACSA 2018 Curriculum Symposium.
Microphone in front of a crowd

Fake News, Alternative Facts and Truth Decay

27 June 2018 6:00pm8:30pm
RSA ANZ Online Event