Education for a Changing World is a project of the NSW Department of Education examining the implications that advances in technology may have for education. The project aims to stimulate informed discussions about how we should be preparing children to thrive in an increasingly complex and interconnected world.
Many experts are predicting that artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and automation will disrupt society and the workplace on a scale not seen since the industrial revolution. By the time this year’s kindergarten cohort finish school in 2030 it is likely that few parts of the labour market will be untouched by AI. These changes are predicted to affect not only manual and routine jobs, but also some tasks traditionally performed by white-collar professions.
The pace and breadth of predicted change means that now, more than ever, we need to be thinking about what our students will need to successfully navigate this future world.

In this panel session, UQCTP's Peter Ellerton will join Prof Toby Wlash (UNSW), A/Prof Lyria Bennett Moses (UNSW), Ms Christine Cawsey (NSW Secondary Principals' Council) and Ms Sandy Plunkett (Innovation Clearinghouse).

Key themes for discussion will be:

1. The types of human intelligence and thinking skills that young people will need to leverage the opportunities and minimise the risks that advancements in artificial intelligence will bring.
2. How we can ensure that students have the capacity to critically and ethically engage with these new technologies which will increasingly impact on their lives.
3. How we can best prepare these future citizens in the face of greater complexity and a more demanding world.
4. What education might need to do differently to ensure students are able to positively shape their world.

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