Media and Medicine in the Age of Misinformation

Associate Professor Maree Toombs, Professor Peter Greste,  and Sean Parnell explore the issues surrounding fake news and the socio-political consequences. Event organised in partnership with QLD HEAL (Health, ethics and Law):

Critical Thinking: How to prepare students to the new economy

With the advent of the 21st century knowledge economy, what you know is not as important as how you know it. But how to prepare students to be the knowledge makers, the innovators, and the problem solvers of the future?

Why you have the right to be heard but not to be taken seriously

In an age of fake news and social media echo chambers, Peter Ellerton argues that while all people are worthy of respect, not all ideas deserve the same treatment. ​By separating our ideas from our identities, we are able to look at ideas through the lens of a brutal meritocracy, where we can discriminate between a good or bad idea without disrespecting the person who delivered it.

How critical thinking can help fight climate change

Video abstract for "Deconstructing climate misinformation to identify reasoning errors" published in Environmental Research Letters by John Cook, Peter Ellerton, and David Kinkead.

What makes a good argument?

Crash course in argument structure and evaluation by Peter Ellerton. Video realised for the Denial101x: Making Sense of Climate Science Denial EdX MOOC.

Interview with Rod Girle

Rod Girle talks about knowledge, belief, proof and doubt in this interview with Peter Ellerton. 

What is Solid Pathways?

Solid Pathways is a program to ensure that high-achieving Indigenous students have the support they need to achieve whatever academic goal they choose for themselves. What makes this program so special is that these aspirations are supported by specifically designed Critical Thinking courses tailored to maintain the academic performance of these already high performing students.

Solid Pathways UQ Experience Day

Short documentary on the 2015 UQ Solid Pathways Experience Day realised by ABC Speaking Out. 

Thinking critically about climate change denial

Peter Ellerton guides us through some common misconception and flawed thinking underlying climate change denialism. Video realised by Embiggen Books

For more videos, visit the Meta101x YouTube channel.