Critical Thinking Project

The University of Queensland Critical Thinking Project (UQCTP) is a comprehensive curriculum and engagement program for the development and deployment of Critical Thinking Pedagogies. 


The UQCTP actively assists teachers in embedding critical and creative thinking in disciplinary context, shifting the focus of education from the dissemination of accumulated knowledge to more autonomous and critically engaged learning.

The UQCTP also works in partnership with educators, schools, families, communities, and institutions to improve access at university and academic success among students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Are you interested in contributing to the continued success of critical thinking in the school and workplace? Join us today in empowering minds that question, analyse, and innovate for a better tomorrow.


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Two-day Foundational workshops
Upcoming: August 2024
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Building aspiration by building academic capacity

Started in 2012, the UQCTP has established itself as the leading provider of critical thinking pedagogy in Queensland, and as UQ's single most extensive outreach program.  

The UQCTP offers critical thinking courses for school and university students, professional development workshops in critical thinking education for school teachers and university lecturers, and training for professionals.

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