WRIT1999 - Effective Thinking and Writing

WRIT1999 is a one-week intensive course offered to Year 11 students through UQ’s Enhanced Studies Placement program to improve their Year 12 performance and university-readiness.

The course gives senior school students the opportunity to extend their knowledge, skills, and abilities in research and critical thinking including gathering and assessing evidence, identifying, constructing and evaluating arguments, and communicating findings. It guides students through the basics of argumentation and effective written communication, teaching them how to present to a variety of audiences in rationally persuasive ways. These skills are central to academic success and transferable across a range of contexts.

In 2021, WRIT1999 has received a commendation by the Australasian Associaton of Philosophy for Innovation in Inclusive Curricula.  

Indicative course structure
Day oneThinking about thinking: arguments, argument mapping, reflective writing.
Day twoEvaluating arguments; deductive reasoning; research methods one.
Day threeInductive reasoning; generalisations; analogies; research methods two.
Day fourPersuasion; clarity; peer activities; narratives
Day fiveResearch and writing; feedback sessions; draft and final essays produced
  • One bonus rank towards the UQ entrance score (1-99 ATAR scale)
  • 2 university credits towards a course or elective in a UQ degree
  • Contribution to a student’s Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE).
  • Enjoy all the UQ advantages; including access to UQ libraries, student services, guest lectures, and use of UQ sporting facilities
  • Prepares students for university study by experiencing classes, completing assessment, connecting with like-minded students, and enjoying campus life.

WRIT1999 is designed to to assist students from specific backgrounds to improve their Year 12 performance and gain access to university. For this reason, applications to WRIT1999 are restricted to students satisfying the following criteria:

  • WRIT1999 applicants must be either from an eligible school or identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander. Find a list of eligible schools here. Schools in the Young Achievers Program (YAP) are also eligible. 
  • Students must demonstrate a minimum grade of B in at least 4 subjects and no less than a C in English in the semester prior to applying.

WRIT1999 is offered during the Summer school break as a one-week intensive course. 

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More information about application procedures can be found here.



Donations will help eligible regional and remote  students cover their travel and accommodation costs to attend WRIT1999 face-to-face on the UQ St Lucia campus.

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WRIT1999 students do better!

+7% GPA

+ 7.34% retention rate

+ 23.6%  completion rate within three years from commencement

Compared to average, 2014-2019 data.  

This course was really great! The lecturers are the best at explaining in-depth and are very helpful.

I have learnt so many tools on reading and thinking. I cannot believe I did an essay under a week!

Wonderful course. As a School Captain I will strongly encourage my younger peers to participate in this course.

[WRIT1999] helped me to expand and develop my writing ability and confidence. This was extremely helpful with my assessment writing during the final years of schooling and beyond.

[B]y the end of the week I wished I could just skip year 12 and get right into university.