Our vision

To promote excellence in education and public decision-making through critical and creative thinking.


Our Mission

The UQCTP positively influences society by translating the methods of reasoning and argumentation that are the specialisation of Philosophy for implementation across a diverse range of contexts, transforming educational and other organisations into sites of critical and creative inquiry, rational decision-making and public reason.


Our Values


The UQCTP promotes the autonomy of individuals to think for themselves, to make independent and new contributions to knowledge, to make informed and autonomous decisions, and to participate in the space of public reason.

Excellence in developing expertise

We promote excellence through the development of expertise in critical thinking, assisting organisations in translating critical thinking for their particular educational context or workplace.

Mutual Respect and Diversity

The UQCTP promotes equality, building aspiration among students from disadvantaged backgrounds by building their academic capabilities and virtues of resilience, open-mindedness and persistence. It contributes to increasing diversity within the university, which benefits the whole university, and it engages with diverse communities from a position of mutual respect.

Collaborative Reasoning and Leadership

Through an emphasis on the virtues of collaborative reasoning or critical thinking as a social competence, the UQCTP redefines leadership as the capacity to create environments for effective decision-making by teams, environments in which successful leaders create opportunities for others