Making outstanding contributions to student learning

19 March 2021

Congratulation to UQCTP Director (Curriculum and Pedagogy) Dr Peter Ellerton on being awarded a Commendation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning.

Dr Ellerton received the commendation as part of the The Environmental Systems Engineering team led by A/Prof Kate O'Brien. Environmental systems engineering is a cross-institutional collaboration between the School of Chemical Engineering, the School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry, and Advanced Water Management Centre. It is a unique course that inspires and motivates students by teaching the skills needed to build a more sustainable future.

The commendation is just the latest recognition of the UQCTP's continuing commitment to improving teaching and learning. The UQCTP was awarded a UQ Award for Programs that Enhance Student Learning (APEL) in 2016 for improving access to university and academic success among students from disadvantaged communities or under-represented groups. UQCTP Director, Prof Deb Brown, also received an APEL award as part of the Knowledge-Making in the Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences collaboration among Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Office of the President of the Academic Board,  School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry, UQ Library, UQ Student Services,  and Information Technology Service.