Adam is a HDR Graduate student at the University of Queensland and works with schools to improve teacher expertise in teaching for thinking. His passion for education is in understanding and leading pedagogical approaches to teaching students how to effectively think. Adam is currently investigating how educational leaders can create a culture of thinking in their schools.

Adam has worked as a teacher in the United Kingdom and in Australia. He has been a Head of Department for Mathematics, Junior Secondary and Teaching and Learning. Most recently Adam was Deputy Principal at Victoria Point State High School. 

Adam introduced Philosophy into the senior curriculum and was a founding member of the Cavendish Road SHS – Academy of Ideas, an excellence program designed to promote thinking and collaborative learning. In 2018, the Program was awarded the Education Queensland Showcase Award for Excellence in Secondary Years. Adam led the development and implementation of a pathway for Philosophical Inquiry from Primary School to University across several schools. The initiative provided professional development for over 600 teachers demonstrated significant improvement in student outcomes.

In 2015, Adam was selected in the Courier Mail’s Q Weekender – Queensland’s 50 Best and Brightest and was a finalist for the Queensland College of Teachers – Outstanding Leadership Award.