Teaching for Thinking Basics

This two-module webinar introduces teachers to the Teaching for Thinking pedagogy, providing essential conceptual and pedagogical resources for promoting and evaluating the development of critical thinking, and guiding teachers in the design and implementation of lesson plans and activities aimed to stimulate autonomous and critical inquiry.


Part One:

  • The nature of expertise in teaching for thinking.
  • The pedagogical schema for teaching for thinking.
  • The values of inquiry and their application to feedback on cognition.

Part two:

  • Unit planning and activity planning for teachign for thinking.
  • Planning for assessment of thinking skills.
  • Addressing institutional barriers and enablers.

Learning resources

  • Two 90-minute live webinars.
  • Online asynchronous learning activities.
  • Online forums and discussion groups.

4:00pm PST


Peter Ellerton

Peter is Senior Lecturer in Critical Thinking at the University of Queensland, Director for Curriculum and Pedagogy at the UQ Critical Thinking Project, and an educator with more than twenty years of experience in the field. He has delivered professional development modules to more than 7,000 teachers and school leaders across four continents, and has advised national and international institutions including the Australian Curriculum, Assessment, and Reporting Authority (ACARA), the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Autority (QCAA), the International Baccalaureate organisation, and the European Commission Joint Research Centre. 

Selected publications

Hegazy, Hind.; Campos-Remon, Hannah; Brown, Deborah; Ellerton, Peter; Kinkead, Dave; Mazzola, Claudio; and Zaphir, Luke. (Forthcoming). Working from Theory: Developing the basis of teachers' critical thinking pedagogies through action research.  Educational Action Research.

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