Dr Luke Zaphir explores the manners and norms of good argumentation. Interview with Amanda Vanstone for ABC Radio National.
Why politicians need to stop lying and cut the endless BS. Philosophy Professor Deb Brown on what it means to think critically, drawing on her expertise in philosophy, including her study of Descartes. Interview for Economics Explored.
Queensland schools need to urgently overhaul the way they teach critical thinking to ensure students are better prepared for further study and jobs.

Deb Brown and Peter Ellerton with Antonia O'Flaherty for ABC News.
Dr Peter Ellerton on the Federal Government plans to duplicate University fees for Humanities courses and the value of critical and creative thinking. Interview for Focus, ABC. Hosted by Jessica Strutt, with Clark Wight.
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Dr Peter Ellerton on his experience with teaching philosophy in school. Interview for The Philosopher's Zone, ABC.
Does God belong in the classroom? More specifically does God belong in state run primary schools? Most states and territories have scripture classes in primary schools. These classes don’t often have much scrutiny but what impact can they have on young minds and their evolving world view?

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Peter Ellerton on the importance of philosophical education in schools.
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