Dr Yael Leibovitch specialises in how to generate more critical thinking and collaboration during writing experiences to improve student communication.

She has been facilitating professional development with the UQCTP since 2018 and her ‘dialogic teacher writing tool kit’ has met with great success by educators across different subjects and year levels.

Yael is an experienced teacher practitioner, education researcher, and teacher educator. She is also a former Philosophy and Reason State Panel member. Yael received her Masters of Teaching from OISE at the University of Toronto and her PhD from the UQ School of Education.

In 2017 Yael received the BSHS Professional learning/mentoring award for her work leading the Teaching for Thinking pilot project. In 2018 she was accepted to the UQ Global Change Scholars program. In 2019 Yael was the recipient of the Carolyn D. Baker Memorial Scholarship, AARE Research poster award, and second place at the UQ 3MT finale competition. In 2020 she was selected as one of ten researchers nationally to present in the Australian Academy of Sciences’ Falling Walls Lab competition.