Link to Zoom webinar will be provided following registration.

About Teaching for Thinking in the Online Environment

This series of webinars will focus on the key ideas of designing cognitive experiences for students and give useful and transferable examples of best practice from some of the most experienced teachers in Australia.

Key areas of focus

  • Developing the central skills of explanation, analysis, evaluation and justification.
  • Question design and student generated inquiry.
  • Providing feedback through teacher-student and student-student interaction.
  • The student perspective of effective online learning.

Who should attend?

  • Teachers
  • Curriculum and school leaders
  • Parents and students considering how best to navigate the world of online learning.


$85.00 per participant. Price allows access to both webinars. Payment details and link to Zoom webinar room will be emailed following registration.


Dr Peter Ellerton

Peter is the Director (Curriculum and Pedagogy) of the University of Queensland Critical Thinking Project and a past teacher and curriculum leader in science and philosophy.

Dr Luke Zaphir

Luke is an experienced teacher and PhD in philosophy who focuses on developing thinking skills through structured online critical thinking courses.

Dr Elese Dowden

Elese is a skilled interdisciplinary educator and philosophy PhD who develops online learning resources in critical thinking and ethics education.

Ms Kara Vaughan

Kara leads the Teaching for Thinking project at Helensvale State High School and is currently perusing a Masters degree in Education.

Ms Kirsti Ellerton

Kirsti is a teacher and curriculum leader at the Brisbane School of Distance Education specialising in philosophy and critical thinking.

Mr Adam Kuss

Adam works with school leaders to develop pedagogical expertise. He is currently completing his PHD at the University of Queensland. Adam has previously been a Deputy Principal and Head of Department.

Aimee-Lee Mills-Hart

Aimee-Lee is a current Year 12 student and School Captain at the Brisbane School of Distance Education.