Wanna learn the secret to a better GPA? Then you’ll need to learn how to argue. No, I don’t mean how to yell at your professor or debate with your mates but to argue — to offer a logically connected series of reasons for believing in something or some course of action.

How do you explain and report on scientific findings? With an argument. How do you justify your recommendations in a policy report? With an argument. How do you persuade a judge of the correct interpretation of case law? You guessed it — with an argument. Arguments are everywhere, especially at university. So learning how to argue is essential for doing well in any assessment item that requires you to explain, justify, analyse or evaluate something.

This workshop is designed to introduce you to the intellectual tools and critical thinking skills necessary to achieve academic excellence, showing how to use these skills in analytical and argumentative writing.

Open to students in YAP and UQ Link programs only. 

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