About Thinking Schools: Creating Curious Classrooms across India

In an age of increasing automation, the jobs of the future will be heavily reliant on these kinds of thinking skills and attitudes. The challenge at every level of education globally is how do we best prepare our young people to become the innovators and knowledge makers of the future? How can we build a thinking school? What does a classroom look like in which curiosity and students’ critical and creative thinking is front and centre? How can a school’s leadership team best support its teachers in creating such learning environments? How can parents and carers help to sustain their children’s curiosity and encourage their critical and creative thinking in their interactions with them at home and out in the world?

Through a series of online workshops, this project aims to promote the thinking capabilities of young people in India. It represents a unique collaboration between premiere schools in India engaged in innovative
teaching and learning design and the University of Queensland Critical Thinking Project team.