Descartes Before the Horse - Critical Thinking Podcast

Luke and Liam look at the evidence against the moon landing occurring, question whether we even had the technology to do so, and question whether President Nixon would’ve lied about it to look strong for the Russians.
Luke and Liam wonder whether Roswell and Area 51 were cover ups, if all sea life and crabs are in fact aliens, and whether biblical encounters with angels were actually close encounters of the third kind.
Luke argues that we should take the human element out of pregnancy and breed babies in specially made robot wombs, solving any number of social, health and gender issues.

Liam takes a stand against capitalism in this episode, arguing that no one should be able to own the means of production, and that we should eat the rich.
Liam argues that it’s still best in contemporary societies to have one partner. Luke argues that polyamory is the way of the future. Both agree that the Brady Bunch and the 6 people from FRIENDS were polyamorous relationships.
Luke and Liam are joined with UQ’s Professor Deborah Brown as they discuss the philosophy of humour. Is it alright to laugh at cringeworthy anti-feminist humour? What makes a joke humorous in the first place? Should anyone find Borat funny? And is the toilet the location of all our best work as a culture?
Luke and Liam look at whether disobeying social etiquette is a form of unethical behaviour. They explore some philosophically dense and problematic questions such as ‘are we bad people if we don’t return a shopping trolley to the corral?’, ‘are we obligated to delete someone’s search history?’, and ‘is it rude to leave our headphones on to discourage talking to people?
Liam and Luke explore whether there are any good reasons to (not) call someone by their preferred gender pronouns.
Dr Peter Ellerton joins Luke and Liam in this discussion about zombies, both literal and philosophical. Is it possible for a human to be alive and functioning but without consciousness? What about dogs? Are mushrooms the next evolution in human development and should we bow to their fungal supremacy?
Luke and Liam explore what love is. Are we obliged to love our parents? Must declarations of love be met with actions of love? What do we owe to our children? To our parents? Must we be grateful for being born? We didn’t ask for it after all.