UQ Partners

School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry
The UQCTP is hosted by the UQ School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry.
Enhanced Studies Program
The Enhanced Studies Programs gives year twelve students the opportunity to extend their knowledge, skills and abilities by completing one university subject. The UQCTP contributes to the program with its WRIT1999: Effective Thinking and Writing unit.
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies
The UQCTP collaborates with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies unit in a number of projects aimed to promote university engagement and academic success among Indigenous students.
Young Achievers Program
The UQ Young Achievers Program aims to support the tertiary study and career aspirations of senior secondary school students who might not otherwise have access to university as a post-school option.

Queensland Department of Education

Solid Pathways
Solid Pathways is an academic extension program run by the Queensland Department of Education and Training. The program supports high achieving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from schools across Metropolitan, South East, North Coast, Darling Downs South West, Far North Queensland and Central Queensland regions. The UQCTP contributes to the project with online and intensive courses in critical thinking and effective writing, professional training for Solid Pathways teachers, and university experiences for Solid Pathways students.
The IMPACT Centre is an online education provider whose mission is to inspire minds, connect communities, and transform education through the application of technology and digital pedagogy. Since its inception in 2012, the UQCTP joined the IMPACT Centre to deliver online extension courses in Critical Thinking and professional development modules to school teachers. This joint effort gave shape to the Aspiring Thinkers program, through which teachers and school leaders are introduced to the UQCTP pedagogy and become part of a learning community of educators.

Academy of Ideas

The Academy of Ideas is a program for selected students run by Cavendish Road State High School and the UQCTP in partnership with five neighbouring schools. Its goal is to promote critical and self-reflective thinking, problem solving, and collaborative learning. The program comprises an Archaeology club, a Philosophy club, an online course in Critical Thinking, and a think tank module in Problem Solving. 

Partnering Universities

The UQCTP is partnering with UCLA, Simon Fraser University, and Pepperdine University to roll out pilot projects based on the UQCTP pedagogical schema.

  Simon Fraser University 

  Pepperdine University

  University of California Los Angeles