The fashioning and evaluation of arguments is fundamental to our idea of reasoning and of critical thought, in as much as the critical aspect is analytical and evaluative. Argumentation provides the framework in which critical thinking can effectively occur.

The construction, analysis and evaluation of arguments requires that a broad range of thinking skills is brought to bear in a framework that provides a focus for cognition and a direction for progress. Argumentation, therefore, is an essential component of teaching for thinking.

This masterclass will look at how to understand, construct and evaluate arguments and to make their production and analysis a central pedagogical focus.

*Login from 9am and stay for the full Masterclass if possible, but it’s ok to leave early if you have a class or important commitment. You can also stay beyond 1pm and engage in planning and collaboration where possible.

YES - the recording will be available to Aspiring Thinkers members for a limited time to support professional learning.

Note – The online option is available at no charge to members of Aspiring Thinkers. Members are welcome to involve colleagues at their school to participate as guests, also at no charge.

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