OPTION 1 – F2F Masterclass*
Date: Thursday 7th October
Time: 9:00am – 3:00pm
Venue: Queen Alexandra Home, Coorparoo (next to the IMPACT Centre)
*Members only due to limited capacity


About Aspiring Thinkers Network - The Virtuous Learner Masterclass

Performance virtues such as resilience and grit are familiar and valuable character goals developed by teachers in contemporary classrooms. Yet, if we want students to become life-long learners and critical thinkers, we also need to target their intellectual character. Critical thinkers display intellectual virtues including open-mindedness, inquisitiveness, autonomy and attentiveness in their independent, consistent and unbiased use of critical thinking.

This masterclass will focus on developing teachers’ pedagogical expertise in applied virtue epistemology so that they can make a deep, meaningful and longstanding impact upon the intellectual character of their students. We will look at some simple classroom practices that can be implemented to develop intellectual virtue in your students.

The key themes that will be explored in this session include:

  • Pedagogical schema: Exploring the connection between the intellectual virtues and the values of inquiry in teaching critical thinking.
  • Epistemological beliefs and values: Authenticity in modelling intellectual character in the classroom.
  • Classroom culture: How the language, interactions, activities, and goals that dominate our classroom shape the intellectual character of our students.
  • Key intellectual virtues: Deep dive into intellectual humility, courage, attentiveness, inquisitiveness and open-mindedness.
  • Student agency: Guiding students to be masters of their own character.

CONTACT: Glen Watt – IMPACT Centre – gwatt5@eq.edu.au



Queen Alexandra Home, Coorparoo (next to the IMPACT Centre)

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