Writing is a skill so fundamental to student success that we often forget how complex the social and cognitive demands of it really are!
Building upon the work of the Aspiring Thinkers foundational workshop, this masterclass will focus on three tools that can simplify how we approach writing instruction, and in turn, simplify the writing process for our students.

Firstly, we will look at what educational theory and research tells us about how students learn to write, and in particular, what dialogic teaching has to offer.

We will then consider how to use Accountable Talk as a concrete means for promoting respectful, engaging and rigorous discussions about writing in the classroom. With some ways of working established, we will drill down into what it means to view academic writing as a process of argumentation, and how this shift in understanding can cut across all disciplines to support student success.

Finally, we will take a deep dive into the values of inquiry as a criteria for effective thinking and writing, and the many ways that we can empower students to use this language of feedback to improve their outcomes.